A word on our Alternity April Fool’s post

Alternity On April 1st, commonly known as April Fool’s Day, we posted a fake press release claiming we had acquired the rights to Alternity from WotC to create a 2nd edition of that fine game. A few of you have been very disappointed that this was only a joke, since the ‘90s SF roleplaying game is still dear to the heart of many gamers even today.

Trust me, if I had the opportunity to work on a 2nd Edition of Alternity, I would not hesitate to grasp it. Other members of the team share that love for this game and perhaps we can write more often about Alternity if our readers are interested.

Alas there’s no retro-clone of Alternity, and I have a hard time believing it’s even possible to write one without getting into trouble with WotC’s lawyers. So we have to struggle with the usual problems surrounding an out-of-print game: bad availability of the core rules, diminished fan interest and no support from the publisher. Still I think it’s a fight worth fighting.