Ask The Readers: What are your Holiday gaming plans?

Over the last couple of years I have regularly meet with my gaming group on New Year’s Eve to play a one-shot game – usually something from the horror genre like Call of Cthulhu. This year I am thinking about running Into The Odd, Barebones Fantasy or Reality Blur’s tremulus depending on what my friends are more interested in.

Running roleplaying games on New Year’s Eve has become something like a tradition for me. There are actually a lot of advantages to running games on this day. It’s a day almost everyone has off, everyone is prepared to stay awake until midnight at least and playing games is a perfect way to spend hours and hours. 😉

Alas we usually don’t game that much on the Christmas days, probably because it’s more a family activity and my girlfriend’s and my family are not really gamers. We might play one or two board games but probably some non-geeky ones like “Scrabble” or “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”.

Into The Odd BareBones Fantasy tremulus

So what are your plans during the Holidays? Do you spend the end of the year in quiet contemplation or do you prefer to celebrate using your favorite hobby? Please share your thoughts below!