Ask The Readers: What is your ”Go To” roleplaying game?

A lot of gamers have that one favorite roleplaying game they always return to, or that they use for every application they can come up with. For some people it’s a generic system like GURPS or FUDGE, others can’t get enough from good old AD&D and still others use Apocalypse World for everything.

I hold many games dear to my heart but I haven’t found the one system to “rule them all” yet. I usually jump from system to system. While I’ve played several games for extended periods of time, I wouldn’t call my self an expert of any of those games. Heck, even when running the games I wrote, I need to look up the rules regularly.

Sometimes I wish I had that one system I could use for almost everything. I wanted Fudge to be this system, but alas I just can’t make that happen. I like Fudge a lot, but for some reason I have a hard time being really comfortable with it. The same happened with Fate. I love Fate Core and especially its light-weight sibling Fate Accelerated, but it’s not the system I’d use for everything.

Recently I have thought about using Basic Roleplaying more often. Because of many years playing and running Call of Cthulhu I feel pretty comfortable with the system. It’s not too crunchy, but still has enough rules so that it doesn’t feel overly light-weight. There’s even a Mecha supplement from Alephtar Games that could help to scratch my current Mecha itch. 🙂

So what’s your “go to” roleplaying game? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!