Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

I am currently working on a UFO conspiracy RPG one-shot inspired by TV series like X-Files and Dark Skies and computer games like the XCOM series (including The Bureau). One of the premises of the setting is that aliens really did crash in Roswell in 1947 and that there really is a government committee called Majestic-12 that deals with the extraterrestrial threat. A secret organization called XCOM is the long arm of Majestic, fighting the aliens, recovering alien artifacts and covering up the truth.

In the last few weeks I did a lot of research on UFOlogy and stumbled upon a whole plethora of alleged real cases that I could use as inspiration for the game. The big question is now whether I should use the actual names of the people involved in these cases or make up new names? If I keep the names of the actual people the game might feel a bit more real, but I am not sure if I should mix fantasy in reality in this way.

Having the players interview Betty and Barney Hill, the couple who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, actually sounds like a cool idea, but on the other hand it’s also a bit weird. During their line of work, the players might irregularly meet with famous politicians (perhaps even the president), high-ranking military officers, famous scientists etc., and it would add a level of believability to the scenario if these people are from the history books than from my imagination. But is this the right thing to do? What is your stance on this issue? Am I overthinking the whole affair? Do you sneak in real people into your game? Please share your thoughts below.