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Review: Alpha Omega – The Encountered Volume 1

In my “Best & Worst in Gaming 2009” posts, I picked the Alpha Omega RPG game line for “Best Production Values”. If you want your non-gamer friends get interested in the hobby just put one of the Alpha Omega books on your table and they’ll start leafing through it, admiring the beautiful artwork. When I recently showed my gaming group “Alpha Omega – The Encountered Vol. 1” I was immediately asked when I’ll run this game. I don’t think you can’t have a better first impression than that! I also want to thank Mindstorm Labs again for providing me with a review copy. Thanks again, guys!

“The Encountered Vol. 1” is a compendium of about 200 creatures for use with the Alpha Omega RPG. It also contains details on seven factions like the Legions or the Technocratic Coalition, fully detailed with history, agenda etc. and even creature creation rules. But the major part of the book is definitely the creature compendium which is divided into five sections: Freaks of Nature, Tech Fiends, Spiritual Creatures, Abominations and Demons.

Like the Alpha Omega rulebook it’s a full-color hardcover book with an unusual horizontal format. It also uses AO’s NavBar and folio numbering instead of more traditional page numbering. The Encountered is slightly thinner than the core rulebook but because of the lack of page numbering I can’t tell you exactly how many pages it’s long. My guess is around 300 pages. And no, I did not count them. 😛

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Review: Alpha Omega Core Rulebook

For quite some time I was interested in getting Alpha Omega for myself, but for some reason I never bought it. Then a few weeks ago, I had a chat with someone from Mind Storm Labs on Facebook. I thanked them for their friend request and we then chatted about Alpha Omega. Then they asked me, if I would like to review it and I was more than happy to accept. I was told to expect up to three weeks for shipping. So I waited impatiently…
In the morning of the 31st of December I finally picked up the Alpha Omega core rulebook at our local customs office. And wow, this was definitely one of the best-looking games I’ve ever seen. I want to thank the guys from Mind Storm Labs again for providing me with this free review copy!

Alpha Omega is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set into the year 2280. Mankind has survived a brutal world war and nature’s backlash in walled cities and huge arcologies. Nation states have ceased to exist and are replaced by city states. And humanity is not alone. They share their world with the Evolutionaries, the offspring of two alien species who are fighting a war that predates humanity. And for some undisclosed reason they use Earth as a battle ground every 10,000 years.

Alpha Omega Core Rulebook An example of AO's gorgeous artwork Some nice, clean layout

Presentation and Production Values
The 408-paged hardcover book is full-color and contains a lot of high-quality artwork. What makes it stand out is the format. As you can see in the photograph it uses a pretty uncommon horizontal format. While it allows very cool panoramic artwork, the book always stands out in my bookshelf. Ok, you can’t have it all. 😉 The binding seems to be very high quality, too. So, it’s no surprise I picked the Alpha Omega line for Best Production Value in my “Best & Worst of Gaming 2009” series. It’s well deserved indeed.

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