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Monday Bonus: More SotU-Related Content

As I was gathering information on Searchers of the Unknown, I came across a comment that there was more floating about on the internet related to the game than just Swashbucklers of Mars. Curious, I kept digging, and I have found several more related items: three more related games, a supplement for adding wizards and clerics, a revision converting Searchers to d20-style roll high mechanics, and the main Searchers idea forum thread. Continue reading Monday Bonus: More SotU-Related Content

Weekend Doubleshot Review

So far in my exploration of microlite gaming, I have stuck with games that have taken a single particular approach — taking an existing game and attempting to condense the rules while still maintaining a similar format. Microlite20 (and its spinoffs, such as Microlite20 Modern and Dragoons20) and Mini Six are still recognizably d20- and d6 -based, which is one of the selling points.

This is not, however, the only way to condense a game into a microlite, as proven by Nicolas Dessaux and Sean Wills. Continue reading Weekend Doubleshot Review