What’s new with Dungeonslayers?

Dungeonslayers 3.0Some time ago I introduced Dungeonslayers to you, a free and easy beer-and-pretzels roleplaying game.
I have finished the translation of the everything but the introductory adventure and the character creation section has already been layouted. If anything works according to plan, the english version of Dungeonslayers will be available soon. Christian Kennig, author of DS, is already working on an english version of the website.

In the meantime the work on the german version continues. Christian Kenning has posted another short adventure for DS and a couple of handy sheets where the GM can track the groups stats or map out his dungeons with style. I also had some time to work on the campaign setting that I am writing especially for DS (see my last post). This setting will not only feature a whole world for you to play in, but also rules for firearms, two new races and a couple of new monsters.

So, please stay tuned!