The WEG Fan Forums are back online

Some of you may have noticed that the West End Games Fan Forums have been down for several hours while they were transferred to a new server. But it seems the forum is back online although a few things are not working as they should. But I am pretty sure that the site’s administrator “The Game Guy” will have everything up and running in no time.

If you are even remotely interested in the games WEG published in the past (like TORG, Star Wars, etc.) you should check the forums out. It’s a nice and helpful community there and you can talk freely about your ideas for the D6 System, discuss the future of TORG or share your stories from Paranoia there.

By the way, Eric Gibson (aka hellsreach), the current owner of WEG is a regular poster on that forum. And according to what he posted recently, we will get another update on the future of WEG and the D6 System soon.