Dungeonslayers: GM shield

There’s now an official Dungeonslayers gamemaster screen called a GM shield (I think there are not enough rules for a proper screen). Here’s the blurb from the official site:

Dungeonslayers DM shieldBehold the Dungeonslayers gamemaster shield, the solution for all troubled gamemasters who are constantly fighting with those long and extremely complicated rules!

The gamemaster shield (no, we didn’t have enough material for a real gamemaster screen) lists all important rules and tables for your convenience and can be used to separate the gamemaster’s territory from the players’ part of the table!

You can get the gamemaster shield in ourĀ download section.

The Dungeonslayers gamemaster shield makes running DS even easier then before, so what are you waiting for? Put on some chainmail, draw your sword, ready some spells and let’s explore some dungeons!