Chat with ICE on RPGBomb (get HARP for free until 9pm EST today)

ICEThe social network forĀ RPG fans, RPGBomb, hosted a chat with the guys from Iron Crown Enterprises a couple of hours ago. Alas I got the email with the announcement while I was already asleep (damn those timezones!) but the guys from RPGBomb were nice enough to post a chat transcript at their forums. So, if you are interested in what’s new with ICE, you should think about signing up at RPGBomb and check it out. If you haven’t heard about RPGBomb before, you might check out my post about them, too.

RPGBomb LogoDuring the chat they also gave away a coupon that can be used to get a copy of HARP PDF for free. The coupon is good for 24 hours, so I think you’ll have to get your free copy before tonight 9pm EST. I won’t reveail the super secret coupon password here, so you’ll have to sign up at RPGBomb to get hold of it. And while you are at it, why not stop by at my profile and add me to your friends list!

Ok, I am now off to the ICE shop to redeem my code! See ya!