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d20 Modern Believe it or not, d20 Modern is still alive and kicking. Not only is there a Microlite20 Modern variant for those of you who’ve been following along with my trek through the microlite world, but just a few days ago a member of RPGnet going by the handle "Sesheyan" set up the d20 Modern Unlimited forums. Given the flexibility of the d20 Modern system, this should prove to be a fertile ground for ideas.

The board is set up with a sizeable number of forums, with dedicated areas for each d20 Modern spinoff product (including d20 Cyberspace, d20 Future and Future Tech, d20 Past, the Urban Arcana and d20 Dark Matter campaign guides and the Menace Manual, and so on). Additional sections have been set up for adventure and campaign creation and discussion, an introductions forum, web enhancements, SRD links, third party product reviews and a general chat area. While the number of forums might look intimidating at first, they’re clearly organized so that content is easy to find or properly place.

Registration is set to approval, but the board’s admins should get back to you soon after you apply. If you’re a d20 Modern fan looking for some active support and interaction for your game, sign up and give a shout out. I’m already on the board as "Corvus", and I hope to see you there.

Andrew M. Modro is a 36-year-old father of one living in southeastern Ohio. He has been a gamer since 1982. He is the editor of Warrior, Rogue & Mage from Stargazer Games and co-author of Resolute, Adventurer & Genius. His current favorite RPG is Adventure! from White Wolf.

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  1. It's been a while since I last dropped by the Modern forums at Wizards but last time I checked, it was already on the verge of death.

    Maybe I'll find something new in this one, so thanks for the heads up.

  2. D20 Modern… There is a game that causes a mixed reaction. I loved it when it came out, and I played in two excellent campaigns, a Zombie Game and a horror/supernatural adventure heavily influenced by the Gunslinger books. I even ran my TORG prequel using the system. But I had some problems with it. It was still TOO close to D&D, firearms where (in my limited experience) never as good as a min/maxed melee combatant. The Native American Park Ranger with a Katana a fellow player ran in a game (I kid you NOT!) was simply devastating in the battlefield. I have to explore those forums to see what tweaks people have come up with.

    Love Microlite Modern BTW!

    Thanks Andrew!

  3. Hi all, I'm a forum regular at the d20 Modern Unlimited forums, and I want to say thanks for the article. Our community is small but growing, and even with the few members we have we're still quite active.

    I wanted to pop in and tell you all that if you've had an interest in Modern but didn't like how something works, pop in anyway. You know what? We, too, don't like how a lot of stuff in Modern works either!

    One of our main goals is to create and help others create houserules and tweaks that they can pick and choose from to so they can maximize their group's enjoyment of the game.

    Don't like how guns work? We've got a houserule for that.

    Wealth system? We've got a houserule for that.

    Not deadly enough? We've got a houserule for that.

    Want a superheroes game? One of our guys has a whole new, beautiful, home made system for that.

    Whatever you want, we've got a houserule for that. If we don't, we'll help you make one.

    Thanks, and stop on by.

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