Dungeonslayers: Forgeworks

Forgeworks Finally the first official supplement for the Dungeonslayers game has been translated into English. Forgeworks by Christian Kennig is a 4-paged PDF containing new weapons, armor, and magic items for his free roleplaying game.

The Dungeonslayers core rules didn’t include that many items for your characters and we all know how important loot is! Aside from tables for generating random magic treasure, Forgeworks also has a small list of “named” armor like the Hide of the Healer which grants the wearer +1 to Healing spells or the Robe of Power which increases its wearer’s Mind by 1.

If you need some more loot for your DS campaign, Forgeworks surely comes in handy. The PDF can be downloaded from the official website and is – like all other Dungeonslayers books – free.