Combat Tiers Review

Recently I ran into an issue with my weekly D&D game. My players where trying to attack a dragon while it was flying away. It became increasingly difficult to track how high up and how far away the dragon was as it flew away. Because this was such a pain in my game I started investigating solutions.

Enter Combat Tiers by Tinkered Tactics. A set of durable acrylic platforms and stands with a one inch by one inch grid making it much easier to track your in air combat. has a family pack of Combat Tiers for 40 bucks which is the set I bought.

29-year-old working as a facility manager and living on the final frontier in Juneau, Alaska. Writing, reading, computers, drumming and playing some Dungeon & Dragons top my interest.

4 thoughts on “Combat Tiers Review”

  1. Good radio voice!

    The future is here. 3D D&D. Just like the one Spock and Kirk used to play. ("This alignment business is illogical, captain.")

  2. @Siskoid, Hey thanks for the compliment. I did that voice work in one take. If people like the video reviews I will try and do more of them.

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