The Worldsmith’s Introduction

Greetings to you all, as this is my first post on Stargazer’s World as a guest blogger I thought a nice place to start is a traditional look at myself and my current projects as this is a good opportunity to talk to you guys a little about what I’ve made and also about what I’ve got in the works.  In this way it not only gives you guys an idea of where I’m coming from but it also allows you to let me know what you think and more importantly what you’d like to see.

As a new indie author I have written a range of short stories which have now culminated in the release of my first purchasable product, The Bloodsoaked Lands. The Blood Soaked Lands a booklet designed to provide Game Master’s (GM’s) with a new and exciting game world to place their adventures in.  The booklet details two provinces which are located within the southern part of a much larger Empire known as Doth-Eria which in turn resides upon the continent known as Synathia.  This is one of the areas that I’ve been developing in conjunction with some friends for over 12 years now, it’s where we have set all our own adventures and long running campaigns and enjoyed every minute of it.

Doth-Eria is a predominantly human Empire that is both militaristic and expansionistic in nature, knowing little but war and conflict.  It dominates a section of south west Synathia.

Within the booklet GM’s will be able to find a brief overview of the Doth-Erian setting and more detailed descriptions of two southern provinces, The Barrowlands and Morash.  Included are major towns, organisations of note, as well as plenty of adventure hooks and plot opportunities for you to set your adventures and campaigns within.

I’ve made the book not specific to any game system so GM’s will be able to use it to implant into their current campaigns with ease or be able to start afresh with adventures and campaigns set on Synathia.

I recognise that overcoming obstacles such as people being unfamiliar with what the names of organisations, lands, gods and the like are, so to help you guys get a feel for the land and its inhabitants I’ve set up a glossary of terms for people to quick reference.
So where to next?

What I have planned is to produce a series of products that are linked together and build upon one another to gradually flesh out more and more of the world.  To help this aim my next product that I have recently started production of looks at two of Doth-Eria’s neighbours who feature prominently in The Bloodsoaked Lands.

I am keen to do so for a couple of main reasons, firstly, as mentioned above, it helps to round out the geo-policitcal scene, broadening your understanding of why the area is the way it is and what has forced current attitudes and actions that are presented in The Bloodsoaked Lands.  Secondly is that the two nations covered in the next product are quite different in terms of style, culture and attitudes so this gives players and GM’s greater depth of areas to draw adventures from and experiences to enjoy.  Thirdly is the greater plan of releasing the world in manageable segments for you guys, building one book upon the previous ones.

Yet there are other aspects to what I want to provide for you guys one of the area’s that I am most excited about are movie adventure introductions.  At present I am providing these as bonus material for those who purchase my work but am wanting to build up enough to be able to provide generic ones, accessible for everyone and then have specific ones for adventures and dungeons available as bonus material.  These movies are short introductions that are designed to be played at the start of a new adventure or at key points within it and help to set the scene by providing visual imagery to the players and GM alike.

I’m keen to field any questions you guys have so let me know what your thoughts are.