Video Review: Fantasy Craft

On the weekend I finally sat down and tried to record a video review of Fantasy Craft. I am using the word “try” because the result is probably not the best review possible but it works as a proof of concept.  The text I have spoken was pretty much improvised on the spot, there has been some glaring editing errors and after watching the video several times I noticed how many cool things about Fantasy Craft I actually forgot to mention. But basically I think if I prepare things better the next time, video reviews may be an alternative to classic reviews in the future.

As hosting platform I switched from YouTube to While YouTube may be the best-known video hosting site, has certain advantages. You can watch my Fantasy Craft review and the WFRP Unboxing video at our new site.

For editing the video I used the free VideoSpin software which is actually pretty powerful and easy to use compared to the Windows Live Movie Maker I used before, BUT it’s still not really what I would call proper video editing software. I guess I am just spoiled by Adobe Premiere which I am using at work.

Without further ado, here are  the results of my efforts:

So, how do you like it? By the way, the noise in the background is caused by my cooling fan, which is running all day. I hope the next time I do a recording, it’s cool enough to shut it off. And if there’s enough interest, I might upload a few outtakes. 🙂