My GenCon Schedule

Recently Zachary Houghton posted his GenCon schedule. I think this is a great idea, because so you a) know where you find him, if you want to meet him and b) other GenCon attendees can see what events other people are attending. This year I will attend GenCon for the first time and I picked a couple of seminars to attend to. But like Zach’s schedule, mine is pretty open as well.


  • Deathwatch: Initiation (11:00AM)
    I am very excited about Fantasy Flight’s new game, so I thought attending that seminar could be very interesting. I also hope the core rulebook will be available for purchase on GenCon as well. This is a must-have RPG in my opinion!
  • Crafty Games: Declassified (07:00PM)
    At this event, the guys from Crafty Games will talk about their current and upcoming products. I am very interested in what they’ll release in the future and I promised Patrick Kapera to come by and say “hello”. So there’s my chance! 😉


  • It’s Cool to be Old School – Discussing the OSR (10:00 AM)
    I have to admit I am not really an expert into old-school gaming. So this is my chance to discuss the OSR with people who are at the forefront of that movement. Although I am not entirely sure if this event will happen at all. Michael Shorten is listed as the event’s organizer and he left TARGA some while ago. If you read that, Michael, please us know.
  • As someone who considers himself as a skeptic, I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass to register for this event. Ok, it’s probably not as good as attending TAM, but it should be fun nevertheless.

  • The ENnies: The 10th Annual EN World RPG Awards (06:00PM)
    You can’t go to GenCon without attending the ENnie Award ceremony. Seriously, you can’t. Even though Stargazer’s World didn’t get nominated and they also ignored the One Page Dungeon Codex Deluxe (which I did the layout for), but it’s an event I just don’t want to miss! And perhaps I get a chance to get back at these ENnie judges! Muhahahahaha! 😀


  • 2010 GM’s Jam! (04:00PM)
    An open discussion with other gamemasters about the art of Gamemastering? And it’s even hosted by Zachary Houghton himself? Count me in!
  • Media Meet & Greet (08:ooPM)
    This event is probably the best chance to meet a lot of podcasters, bloggers and other people at GenCon. If you are unsure which event to attend, pick at least this one!

By the way, I found out that GenCon has some kind of friends system. It’s meant to allow you to purchase tickets and badges for your friends, but you can also use it to see what your friends are up to at GenCon. Just add your friends email in the “Friends” section on you GenCon account page. When they confirm the email sent by GenCon, both of you can look up which events your friends are attending to – at least in theory. I haven’t been able to test it out, yet. But if you want to add me as a friend, just use the email address listed below.

So, what are your plans for GenCon? What are the events you want to attend to? Is there anything I missed? As always I am interested in reading your thoughts!