Stargazer’s World: Many Happy Returns!

I asked Michael Wolf if he’d mind if I could have the privilege of officially congratulating him on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Stargazer’s World.  It’s a difficult achievement for any tabletop gaming blog or site, but it’s even more difficult for it to stay fresh, entertaining, and useful along the way.  Stargazer’s World has not only done all that, but has become exponentially better over time.

Michael has a rare blend of enthusiasm, creativity, professionalism, and the drive to continuously improve his site.  That’s why today, Stargazer’s World has become a must-read gaming blog, and is recognized by his peers and readers as such.

What else can you say about the crew at Stargazer’s World?  Michael has assembled a talented crew of contributing bloggers, which keeps the site diverse and entertaining.  It’s one of the reasons why the site does such a good job at covering a variety of games both small and large press, a generalist preference in gaming that is sadly lacking in many sites, in my opinion.

The funny thing for me is how Michael communicates in English (a second language for him!) better than many of us do in what is our native tongue.  I sometimes joke with him his English is better than that of most of the inhabitants of my state!  In any case, projects like Gears and Warrior, Rogue, and Mage showcase his talent, and hint that even bigger and better things are just around the corner.

So here’s to Michael and the rest of the gang at Stargazer’s World.  May your days of blogging be ever more fruitful, and keep up the great work!  Congrats again from a fan who can’t wait to see what’s next.

-Zachary Houghton, RPG Blog 2