Free Stuff Friday: DC Adventures Quick Start PDF

This week’s Free Stuff is: DC Adventures Quick Start PDF.

Continuing with my Free Stuff Friday DC Adventures Character Sheet from last week, Green Ronin Publishing just released a quick start PDF for the new DA Adventures role playing game. How crazy awesome is that! You can try out the game for FREE before you buy it! That sounds like a company that believes in their product to me. I can’t wait to give this game a spin. I am so excited to try this game out with my gaming group!

On the Green Ronin Website they wrote this stuff up: Prefer to try before you buy? We’re pleased to present a free DC ADVENTURES Quick Start PDF. The county fair is being held in Smallville this year and Superboy, the town’s famous local hero, is invited as guest of honor. But it’s not all prize pigs and cotton candy, as Knockout has come to the fair, and she’s aiming to make a big impression!

So go check out the DC Adventures Quick Start Guide and maybe save the community of Smallville while you’re at it. Also be sure to thank the great folks over at Green Ronin for this free stuff!