D&D Essentials “Red Box” Unboxing

Youseph got his review copy of the new D&D Red Box today and recorded a short unboxing video.  He told me that there will be a review coming soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy the video!

I have to admit the box looks like a really good starter set for D&D. As I posted about before, I already preordered the box some time ago to give it a chance. Let’s see how this turns out.

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5 thoughts on “D&D Essentials “Red Box” Unboxing”

  1. OH! I've been wondering about this product! I saw the pictures but since its similar to the "TSR redbox" product I thought initially people were reviewing the "older edition" just for fun and because of the resurgence of "old school gaming".

    Looks like a good product for a starter set. I still have a fondness for most of the "basics" sets and I typically use them to introduce "new" players to the game such as family, friends. I used the old "basic box" (black with the 3rd ed artwork) to teach my nieces and nephew.

    Thanks for the "unboxing", I know most people don't like "unboxing" videos but I think they are valuable in seeing what you get before you buy!

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  2. Thank you for creating and posting this! I am getting pretty excited about D&D essentials red box. I love unboxing videos as you get the feel of "being there" and even better know exactly what you will be getting. Its important for me to see these videos and it ups my confidence on spending money on something hehe : )

    I am very glad they are coming out with this set, ease of point of entry is crucial as most people in our short attention span world barely read let alone spend more than a few paragraphs to learn something. D&D needs casual corner like the boxed sets to allow for more gamer light players.

    Over the last few years I have been collecting more "no technology required" forms of entertainment. Solid, clean team play games where everyone comes away a winner – Fantasy Flight games has a lot of titles that fill this need of mine as well.

    Additionally, Penny Arcade the cycle is complete cartoon is perfect as well gave me a good laugh.

    Take care and happy gaming out there!

    My little history with the boxed editions:

    It reminds me when I was in high school and picking up my copy from Sears mail order store. Sears sold it like other board games, monopoly, life etc. and had no idea what the product was about.

    This was also around the time in history of D&D infamy where many religious and other groups put a lot of hate, stereotyping and any other blame assignment that could be thought of.

    The truth of the matter was that not one of them even understood what D&D was about – fighting the good fight, doing the right thing, – encompassing the whole concept of being good!

    Anycase, when I picked up my copy the lady at the counter knew who I was – she was an aunt of a friend of mine gave me the tisk tisk look as I finished paying for it. I just smiled and gave the "its cool, ok?" response.

    What an an adventure, using the white crayon to fill in your dice numbers, all the new ideas, concepts in a fairly clear format. We had tons of fun, my grandparents were stymied as to how a group of boys could stay in a room and not cause a big ruckus upstairs and be up all hours of the night.

    I ended up collecting all the way up to the masters set but by then I was hearing about AD&D and what the advanced rules could do for you. I disliked moving off the boxed set, felt like I was abandoning a great series but I attributed it to "leveling up" and something that must be done for growth. AD&D just simply had too much horsepower and far more support as a premier product with TSR.

    I held on to my boxed sets for many years but most if not all of them were lost in my many moves in my IT career field. I always kept a special place for them in my heart and as a reminder of how many great things things started.

    I am very glad that its true – the cycle has come full circle and the red box is back! I can't wait to have my own unboxing as well.

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