The one RPG I wholeheartedly recommend to any gamer is …

In my case it’s Savage Worlds. Savage Worlds is a generic roleplaying game that allows you to run games in any genre, the rules are easy to learn but have a certain complexity that will not disappoint more tactically-minded players. In fact Savage Worlds can easily be used as miniature strategy game, or you can play it without any miniatures at all.

The latest version of the rules is the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition, a 160-paged digest-sized book which contains everything you need to run a game in almost any genre. Everything else is just optional. Basically you can run endless campaigns using just this book.

And what amazes me the most is that this great game sets you back mere $10 for a full-color paperback book! That’s another reason why anyone should give it a chance.

What is the game you would recommend to your fellow gamers? As always I am very interested in your thoughts, so please post your comments below!