Stargazer’s World Book Club: And the winner is…

Sometime ago I proposed the idea of starting a virtual book club here in the blog. The original post received a lot of feedback and interest but sadly real life kept me away from the blog for a while and my follow up post did not get as much feedback (thanks to those of you that did respond). Still I believe that if we get this going others will come and participate. Like in a real life book club all you need is two people interested in discussing a book to have a book club.

Last time around on this subject I proposed four possible books to read. Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first book of the Dragonlance series, the post apocalyptic rpg Atomic Highway, the retro clone Mutant Future and the new iteration of the Mutants & Masterminds game DC Adventures. Based on the feedback and this being an RPG blog I figured what better way to begin than with a game rulebook?

Enough beating around the bush! For this first installment of the Stargazer’s World Book Club we’ll be reading DC Adventures. The book is available from the Green Ronin online store, in digital format from RPGNow, from your local FLGS or from various online bookstores at a great discount. I realize that getting the book is no small investment but I think the game is popular enough that we will get enough participants.

But just in case, and based on some excellent ideas on the original book club post, we will also be welcoming discussion on previous incarnations of DC Universe role playing games, like the various editions of the DC Heroes games. We’ll have the chance to discuss current and past DC games.

Approximately one month from the time this is posted on the blog, around late October, I will write an initial post with my thoughts on the book and all those who want to participate in the discussion can do it via the comments. I may tackle both subjects (reading DC Adventures and past DC inspired rpgs) in one post or may just split it into two posts. I’m undecided about this, so I’d appreciate your feedback.

For the next round of the book club, whoever is interested can select the book/rulebook, or propose some options, to read and post it on their blog and we can keep on going. This is still a work in progress so we’ll learn along the way.

Looking forward to this, hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy your read!