Review: Kingdom Builder Generator Pack II

In February I previewed Chaotic Shiny Productions’ Kingdom Builder Generator Pack I which I helped to beta test back then. Some time ago Hannah Lipsky finished the new Kingdom Generator Pack II which contains a plethora of cool and useful generators for GMs who need some randomly generated content for their games.

This time it can generate random Kingdoms & Hooks, fashion, armies, laws, place names, conspirators, events and flags. The user interface is pretty much identical to the one in the first generator pack, which is definitely a good thing. Basically the program is extremely easy to use, just click a button and a set number of fashions, events, etc. is generated. Each generator is placed in a tab so you can easily switch between them. Below you can check out some screenshots I’ve taken. They should give you a good impression of what to expect.

My favorite generator is the awesome flag generator. With the press of a button you get a pretty convincing flag. Of course, some of the possible combinations might look a bit weird, but overall you get great looking flags that you can use in your game.

The other generators are great if you need an inspiration. Especially the place names generator can be quite handy if you need a name for a place you haven’t fleshed out yet. Like the first generator pack it’s an unvaluable tool for any GM.

All in all you get an awesome tool for little money. You can buy the Kindgom Builder Generator Pack II at DriveThruRPG for the low price of $3.95. The first pack (which included an awesome map generator) is available for the same low price. So why don’t you get both while you’re at it? You won’t be disappointed!

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