PAX Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons

While I was at PAX Prime this year I went and saw the Pax Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons game. I was maybe sitting 5 rows back.  The game featured Wizards of the Coast R&D’s Chris Perkins as DM, along with players Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Wil Wheaton. If you have been following the D&D podcasts for Acquisitions Incorporated then this is the next game in line. The players sought to bring Wil Wheaton’s Character back from the dead! I have been waiting since I got back to Juneau for Wizards of the Coast to post the video from the game. It’s now finally up for everyone to enjoy. I hope you will. It’s worth your time to watch it.


29-year-old working as a facility manager and living on the final frontier in Juneau, Alaska. Writing, reading, computers, drumming and playing some Dungeon & Dragons top my interest.

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  1. @Sersa V, I had been too. I just happened to be surfing around youtube last night and found it. Judging by the time stamps on the videos it looked like Wizards of the Coast only up loaded the videos last night. So they are pretty no. Still I have not seen a post for it on the Dungeons & Dragons website.

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