The IT Crowd – Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set

The IT Crowd is one of the favorite shows of geeks all around the world.  A couple of days ago a special edition DVD box set including all four series has been released. But this box set not only contains some DVDs, there’s also an IT Crowd RPG/boardgame included!

Aside from the four IT Crowd DVDs, you get the following:

  • 1 X Double-sided fantasy/reality game board
  • 6 X Double-sided fantasy/reality character cards
  • 24 X pop out player counters (4 per character)
  • 1 X Pop out self-assemble 20 sided dice
  • 1 X rules/suggestions for gameplay

Since I very much enjoyed watching the IT Crowd so far, I’ll definitely get this box set. The included “game” might at least be a fun gimmick. Does one of my readers already own this box set? Are the included game materials worth it?

The box set is currently available at and sets you back £27.93.

Michael Wolf is a German games designer and enthusiast best known for his English language role-playing games blog, Stargazer's World, and for creating the free rules-light medieval fantasy adventure game Warrior, Rogue & Mage. He has also worked as an English translator on the German-language Dungeonslayers role-playing game and was part of its editorial team. In addition to his work on Warrior, Rogue & Mage and Dungeonslayers, he has created several self-published games and also performed layout services and published other independent role-playing games such as A Wanderer's Romance, Badass, and the Wyrm System derivative Resolute, Adventurer & Genius, all released through his imprint Stargazer Games. Professionally, he works as a video technician and information technologies specialist. Stargazer's World was started by Michael in August 2008.

2 thoughts on “The IT Crowd – Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set”

  1. I can't believe it, an IT crowd game. The picture of Moss the Barbarian is quite funny.

    In the states, I can't watch season 4, yet. Hmm. Two reasons to buy the set…

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