Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set

David Peterson posted on his blog today some new information about the upcoming release of the Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set.

At the NYCC we announced that there will be a Boxed Set of the Mouse Guard RPG to be out later this year. We have currently sold out of the Hardcover (though your local shops and online retailers may still have some in stock) and with plans to reprint, we thought we would offer a deluxe package as well that is full of stuff fans of the game asked for…

…Among the items to be included in the box will be: a softcover edition of the 320-page Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, a pad of character sheets, a pad of GM sheets, a folding GM screen with handy reference charts, a map of the territories, 5 mouse pawns (which I carved the master for) to mark locations on the map, and a few more items I’d like to talk about in more detail: A brand-new 44-page supplement* with new missions and adventures….

…The plan is to release the supplement booklet as a .pdf purchase so that players who already have the original RPG hardcover are not forced to buy the boxed set in order to take advantage of the new rules.

Read more about the upcoming Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set from David Peterson’s post.

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4 thoughts on “Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set”

  1. Oo! I'm glad I held off, this sounds really interesting! Any word on price? Seems like box sets don't go any cheaper than $30 these days.

  2. @Jay – I did some googling today and discovered that PAIZO has the mouse guard box set listed on their website but with no shipping date yet. They say the box set lists for $78.50, but they will be selling it for $70.65.

    I don't know if it is safe to say but since the game is still not listed on i don't know that 70 bucks is going to be the final price.

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