Starblazer Adventures Storyteller’s Screen

Following the advice of fellow blogger GeneD5 I ordered the Starblazer Adventures Storyteller’s Screen. I plan to run the first session of that game next Tuesday, so having a Storyteller’s Screen probably wouldn’t hurt. I have to admit that I haven’t read any reviews of the Screen before ordering it, I trusted that it would be of the same quality as the core book itself. And I haven’t been disappointed at all.


The screen is extremely sturdy. Most GM screens available are printed on pretty flimsy cardboard, but not so in this case. The cardboard is comparable to the one used in hardcover books. The front side shows four full-color images taken from the Starblazer Adventures comics. I included an image of the screen above.

The back side of the screen contains basically all tables a Starblazer Adventures Storyteller could ever need. I am pretty sure that aside from checking up some stunts or stats you’ll never even have to open the book to run the game. It’s all there on the screen. There’s even a Play Summary, that summarizes all basic FATE rules including FATE point costs, Conflict actions, and Stress.

The Storyteller’s Screen sets you back $14.95 and should be available from your FLGS or directly from the Cubicle 7 store. In my opinion it’s definitely worth it.