Ask the Readers: What’s your favorite Call of Cthulhu adventure?

Call of Cthulhu cover On Saturday I have started making plans for New Year’s Eve. Like in the years before a few friends will come over, we will have good food and do some roleplaying. This year we decided that I should run Call of Cthulhu. Some time ago I had some ideas for creating my own CoC campaign set into the Cold War era, but this would definitely beyond the scope of a one-shot New Year’s Eve game.

That’s why I am asking for your help. What is your favorite Call of Cthulhu adventure and – more importantly – why? Can it be run in a single session? Is it still available for purchase and if so where? Especially a lot of the older Chaosium titles have been out of print for quite a while. If the adventure in question is available at RPGNow it would be a big plus.

By the way, are the Age of Cthulhu adventures by Goodman Games any good?