Legend – Help raising money for Child’s Play and get a cool RPG in exchange

Legend RPGRule of Cool Gaming’s Legend RPG has probably the most generic name a fantasy RPG could have, but it’s actually a pretty interesting product. The rules may look quite familiar at first glance because it’s based on the d20 System SRD. But it’s not just another d20 variant, but a “new and novel system dedicated to cinematic combat and a smoother gameplay experience”.

I have to admit I haven’t had the time to give the rules a closer look, but the rulebook looks really nice. It features a very cool and clear layout with some excellent pieces of art. Creative lead Jacob Kurzer has provided us with a review copy of the game, so expect a full review in the near future, but my initial impression is quite positive.

The game features eight classes like Barbarian, Monk, Paladin and Shaman that can be further customized by the players through choosing different “tracks” along which the characters develop. Each class comes with a number of tracks but there are extra tracks that can be used either to create monstrous characters or to customize your character even further.

Child's PlayBut what definitely sets Legend apart from a lot of other games is the fact that all proceeds from the core product will be donated to Child’s Play. And until December 9th Legend is available on a pay-what-you-want basis. Until now the game has raised about $866 to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world.

The Legend RPG is about 179 pages long and doesn’t come with a fledged-out setting. It definitely worth a look and with your purchase you’re actually helping children in need.