Ask the Readers: What do you like about this blog?

Stargazer’s World is now over five years old and our team has written way over thousand blog posts to date. In the last few years we’ve covered several different game systems, posted dozens of reviews, interviewed several industry insiders, and shared our thoughts on roleplaying games in general.

Most of the time I have changed things around as I saw fit, sometimes I have experimented with non-RPG topics including a few posts about my personal health. We’ve got great feedback in these five years, and I am pretty sure that without the support of our readers, the blog would have been shut down ages ago.

So why am I asking this particular question at this time? It’s basically just curiousity. And perhaps I can use this information in the future to decide where I should put more focus on, especially in times when I am not able to churn out posts on a daily basis.

So please tell me what you like about Stargazer’s World. What makes you come back regularly? Do you eagerly await my “blog update” tweets or have you subscribed to the RSS feed? Are you more interested in reviews and interviews, or do you prefer the more personal thoughts on the hobby? Please share your comments below!