Sci-Fi Fridays! Wanderers of the Outlands Part XVI

And we are very close to the end… I’ve created a LOT of material for my campaign, but most of what’s ready and I’m sharing with my players has already been posted in the Blog. I’ve got these Journeyman’s Gazette posts, which are intended as a publication in the campaign, a sort of newsletter for people looking for work in the milieu of the Outlands. Part 1 includes the general news and job postings, Part 2 next week will be a guide to the space quadrant the players will begin the game in.

After that all I have are some handouts I created, which I thought might be of interest to you and plan on sharing in PDF form. After that the posts about the posts about the Wanderers of the Outlands will be finished. I’ve got two questions I’d like to ask you dear reader, one I’ve asked before and another one about the future of Sci-Fi Fridays!

  1. Would you be interested in seeing all the campaign information compiled into a single PDF document?
  2. Would you be interested in me continuing the Sci-Fi Fridays! series and discussing other topics about science fiction related to gaming?

Well, that’s all for now, see you all next week.

The Journeyman’s Gazette, Part 1

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Gazette Hardcopy

JG Logo

Welcome Journeyman! [Personalized Message for this Copy]

Our records indicate you have recently entered into the esteemed company of the Journeyman’s Guild.  As your Sector Representative, welcome! On behalf of fellow Journeymen, we salute you. This membership means you’ve joined an august group of workers across all fields who band together for support and information. This publication is our main means of communication, and as part of your membership you’ll have access to the latest information via your local grid or other authorized distribution centers, from the Central Systems to the Outlands. You’ll also have access to services at our guild houses, available in most settlements, and Way Stations across the galaxy. Explore your options and contact your local representative for help. May your journey always be safe, ever forward!

Julian Malaná, JE.2 Balthazar Representative

 News – Local

Unrest continues in Raguel in the Zamei System

UAF forces were dispatched from their temporary command in the Agrevia System to initiate police actions after the recent unrest in Raguel. The UAF Marines pacified the terrorist holding the Zamei Way Station and have established a foothold on the 4th planet. Zamei continues to be flagged in Nav Data reports, a status that persists since the attacks by the mysterious raiders of Quadrant C.  [Truncated story]

Corporate terrorist strike again!

A medical research and manufacturing facility was rocked by a terrorist bomb in Samhitha, capital of Charaka, 3rd planet of the Sarkov system. At 18:00 17-07-10UC the 48th floor of the Namawar Medical Facility was rocked by the explosion. Local security forces informed that no personnel or patients were injured. A storage area was destroyed, and sources speculate the bomb might have exploded prematurely. Dr. Marceau, the head of medical research and manufacturing was also reported missing shortly after the incident. The local Marshall was unavailable for a statement.  [Truncated story]

New Kingston Carnival faces opposition

As the colony’s governing body announced the New Kingston Carnival for 10-10UC in celebration of the success of initial terraforming efforts, local Rastafarian philosophers condemned the needless expenditure of colony funds, especially when so many colonists’ needs and grievances remain unaddressed.  [Truncated story]

Rash of murders in Bieldon remain unexplained!

With the 22nd murder this month, 25% higher than the same period last year, authorities seem baffled and incapable of solving the rash of murders in the largest city in Melkior, 3rd planet of the Balthazar System. Melkior authorities claim the murders are unrelated, but since the local Marshall was the 20th victim, the population seems to have lost confidence on local security forces. Reports of armed gangs patrolling the streets were unconfirmed by local officials, but a security officer speaking anonymously, blamed the murders on “La Mano Segreto” criminal organization. [Truncated story]

News – Economy

Record meat production means reduced prices

Ranchers in Buhey, 5th planet of the Cibey System, have reported record meat and cattle derivative production. Prices are expected to drop across Quadrant D (Quadrant RW-2-B.7: D). [Truncated story]

Strikes in Heremod threaten the flow of goods and supplies

Three other trade unions have joined the dockhands strike in the Heremod Shipyards following recent events. The shipyards are located on Renghem, 6th planet of the Heremod System, and a major hub for trade and shipping to and fro the Outlands. Union Customs and Trade Authority (UCTA) Agents have called upon emergency powers and brought in temporary workers to keep trade flowing. Clashes with the temporary workers, whom the representatives of the dockhands are calling “strikebreakers”, have resulted in one hundred fifty four arrests so far. [Truncated story]


“Amalthan is suffering and no one seems to care”

An opinion piece by Ristina Uygur

Amalthan was made the Head of RW-2-B.7 (S-D1) after the Great Galactic War. It was solely based on Mega Corporations geological surveys of the system and the possibility of establishing mining operations. The Sector proved difficult to navigate and only two planets have been colonized in the last ten years. Yazha, the 3rd planet of the system, was settled for aqua-mining and it proved profitable for the first few years. However, since the discovery of easily harvested mineral deposits in the 6th planet, New Cartago, Yazha has fallen on the wayside.

New Cartago has seen an influx of colonists and business speculators that have ravaged the ecosystem and threaten the possibility of prolonged habitation of the planet, a stated interest of the Union as it expands into the Outlands. As aqua-mining has boomed in other Sectors, Yahza colonists see their way of life threatened. Much needed foodstuff and medical supplies are diverted to New Cartago and Yahza remains at the mercy or unscrupulous men and women seeking to make a quick U-cred.

The founding members of the Colonization Compact have all relocated to New Cartago leaving Yahzans to their fate! As the aqua-mining purification plants break down, the population is suffering water shortages, compounded by illness and a shortage of medical supplies. How much longer must Amalthan suffer? [Truncated story]


Job Listings [selection based on preferences)

[Showing options 1-10)

Deckhands wanted

The freighter Hetty is recruiting deckhands; dedicated cargo hauler working Quadrants D, A and B; berth and sustenance included, plus efficiency bonuses and a very competitive salary.  Contact Captain Marsh at Grid Node Co77:34-Hetty. [Log in to the Grid to contact the ad owner)

Experienced mechanic wanted

Looking for a mechanic with experience working with the Hubbelbolt ship systems, experience with non-spec modifications a plus. The Shere Kahn is a small but successful operation and we need to fill this station ASAP.  Payment will be in the form of a share of the profits from running the ship.  Contact Joseph RK at Grid Node Co89/2:01-Sherekahn. [Log in to the Grid to contact the ad owner)

Join the UAF and see the galaxy!

The Union Armed Forces are looking for brave men and women to join its ranks. Put on the uniform that signifies freedom all across the galaxy! Serve side by side with the heroes that won the Great Galactic War, and help build a better tomorrow for humanity. See your local recruiter for more information. [Log in to the Grid for application information)

Job opening

Transport of goods, speed a must! Security and insurance a priority, contact *** [Contact information restricted for privacy reasons, log in to the Grid to contact the ad owner)

Medical Officer wanted

The ship Alanis is looking for a Medical Doctor or Trauma Certified Nurse for its Medical Officer position. The ship does deep space survey and reconnaissance for the Union Exploration Corps. Applicants must be willing to spend long periods of time away from dock. Contact Mr. Suleiman at Grid Node Co133:B4-Alanis for more information. Have your credentials ready, only serious inquiries please! [Log in to the Grid to contact the ad owner)

Medical research participants needed – Payment available!

Ongoing medical research needs willing participants; no one will be turned away! We provide off-world transportation, housing and remuneration proportionate to the risks. No experience necessary! [Log in to the Grid for application information)

Mining facilities job openings – All positions

Come be part of the booming ore mining in Nirgali! Located in the Parvaty System (QD; S-D4; -12,-8,-9), new mines are being established every day. We need surveyors, supervisors, foremen, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, logistic personnel, and miners. Transportation and training available to interested parties, no experienced needed for entry positions. Submit work experience files, security certifications and recommendations. Limited high-risk positions with excellent hazard pay available. [Log in to the Grid for application information)

Private Security Opportunities!

The Colonial Authorities of New Tenoch in the Markaz System (QA; S-A2; -2,6,1) are recruiting security personnel for the Ehectal Way Station and Cargo Processing facility located in the same system. Previous military or security experience preferred but not necessary; an excellent compensation and benefits package is available. [Log in to the Grid for application information)

Seeking navigator

Experienced navigator needed for a long-haul coreward. Late shift assignment, berthing and nourishment included, payment negotiable based on experience.  Contact Seo-Yun McNeil at Grid Node Co123/37-Pelesit. [Log in to the Grid to contact the add owner)

UCTA seeks spaceport workers

The Union Customs and Trade Authority (UCTA) under Emergency Act RW-2-B.7: 0037B is recruiting spaceport workers for temporary positions in the Heremod Shipyards. Security will be provided. Workers with Union War Reconstruction Commission Type 2 designation, or higher, will have recruitment priority as per Union Decree 03UC-138B. [Log in to the Grid for application information)