RPG a Day 2016: The League of Extraordinary Former Players – Day 14

Sunday once more! Week 2 of #RPGaDay 2016 draws to a close, almost at the halfway point. Sorry I’m publishing a little late today; yesterday all of us in Puerto Rio were celebrating one of our Olympic athletes winning gold for the first time. Needless to say it was a big thing. Yesterday we all came together in celebration, every person you met felt like an old time friend, and coincidentally that feeling of camaraderie is related to today’s topic.

August 14: Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with?

I love my current group of players, we’re a good mix of older and younger, genders, styles of play, It would be hard to compare current players and their style which are fresh on my mind, and the snippets of the past which are often rose colored. When I double checked on the description for today’s topic in the RPG Brigade RPG a Day 2016 site  it offered this explanation: “Of all the people you have gamed with in the past, who would you like to bring together to play as a group?”

So I’m going to do this one a little differently, this list will include the people I’ve gamed with in the PAST, not including any of my current players. These are the players that are not currently playing with us and with whom I’d love to get together and roll some dice again. This is a potentially long list, so to keep it realistic I’ll pair it down to a size similar to that of our current gaming group, eight players. Here are the eight payers I’ve gamed with in the past who’d make up my dream team, in alphabetical order by their last name:

  1. Luis Alvarado


Luis, why so serious?

2. José Bellavista


José circa 2010

3. Pierre Butler


Pierre in 2009 with his Pathfinder Character

4. Samuel Maldonado


Sammy at Gen Con 2007

5. Luis Miranda

Luis & Roberto

Luis and me in 2005

6. Ronald Rivas


Ronald looking sharp!

7. Ramón Rivera


Ramón Luis one time we went to the movies

8. Emilio Rodríguez


Emilio, Luis and me

It was hard to pair it down to eight, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the following honorable mentions: Gary Burden, Misael Reyes, Mario Rodríguez, Emilio Ruiz Soriano, Karlo Yeager and Juan Padrón. They deserve to be in the list and are not simply because I thought really hard on how to keep it at eight. The top eight were selected looking for a mix of play styles and personalities. If I could do it I would invite you all to play in one giant super campaign that would run over five nights a week. Maybe when I win the lottery!

Thank you to all my friends for having, at one time or another, sat down at my table to roll dice and tell stories. Whether you are playing right now, or did so in the past, I hope we can all play together again. Friendship in indeed magic!

Uni the Barbarian

PS – I updated this post with a picture of Emilio Rodríguez, which Luis Miranda kindly provided. Now they are all here…