Devil’s Staircase:Wild West Crowdfunding

Over two years ago I started knocking an idea around for a playing card-driven Wild West game. A year ago it was complete enough to go to playtesting.

Today it is on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding campaign.

The game has gone almost completely through its life cycle on this blog and would not exist without it to some extent.

I am not a massive fan of Kickstarters but it is educational to have done one. It is one thing to be critical when you have never actually done it and quite another to be able to speak from experience. I will find out if this experience will change my perceptions.

To Devil’s Staircase…

So why crowdfund? What I am trying to learn is how difficult the process is. I have more ideas than I will ever be able to see finished on my own. If crowdfunding is really viable, paying people to take some of the burdens off one person would be an option. There are many small crowdfunding campaigns that succeed but the amounts involved would probably not pay for professional quality art, layout or writing. There are plenty of big projects too but when they fail they can be spectacularly bad.

So, after rambling on, the point of this post is to raise awareness of Devil’s Staircase: Wild West on Indiegogo. The target is just £500 and that is mostly for future advertising. I want to try Facebook advertising for a start.

If you remember the original blog posts (here) and would like to see the game complete its final step then please consider supporting it.

Thank you.