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Last week I started working on a SF campaign after my players told me that they wanted to play “something with space ships and laser guns”. We checked out the SF campaign settings I already own (including Star Wars, Babylon 5, etc.) and then decided that we wanted something original. 

After throwing around several ideas in the back of my head I settled on a pretty hard SF campaign that focusses on the solar systems in close vicinity to our own sun. And in order to visualize the campaign area to the players I created a starmap. Using this map as basis I started by adding a nice backdrop photo and a hex grid. The suns and labels where created in Photoshop.

I have to admit that I am pretty content with how the map turned out. The grid is not very helpful as it is, but I gives the map this “Traveller sector map” look.

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8 thoughts on “Starmap”

  1. The map does look good.

    But I have always pondered about making star maps because every map I have seen only deals in two dimensions, while objects in space are obviously positioned in 3 dimensions. Ever stumble across any solutions to that?

    <abbr><abbr>Mad Brews last blog post..Designing Games with Class</abbr></abbr>

  2. You should consider checking out the maps from the Alternity Star*Drive products. Actually, it's not a bad system to check out in general..

    <abbr><abbr>Davids last blog post..Ouch</abbr></abbr>

    1. @David: Thanks for the tip, but I already decided to use the d6 Space system. But I'll have a look at the maps.

      @Mad Brew: There is a program called Astrosynthesis from NBOS that allows the creation of 3D star maps.

  3. I've never played d6, but I used to play WEG's Star Wars, which I believe is pretty much the same system, minus the Jedi. Your players should have a lot of fun!

    <abbr><abbr>Davids last blog post..Ouch</abbr></abbr>

  4. Have you ever looked at the Traveller 2300 map? It's very interesting if you want the realistic feel, of course you need the guide book that gives each star's coordinates then you have to do the math to figure the distance between two stars, but if you want realism I recommend it.

    Finding it may be tricky though.

    <abbr><abbr>Ozs last blog post..Hero System 6th Edition</abbr></abbr>

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