Ad Astra: Major Factions of the Omega Centauri Cluster

Last time, you learned how thing came to pass, now I want to give you some details on one the major factions of the Omega Centauri cluster.


In the 8th century NR (New Reckoning) the Gaians and their descendants have colonized hundreds of worlds all over the Omega Centauri cluster which they now call the “Star Ocean”. In the last hundred years several factions have emerged that now coexist more or less peacefully.

The Gaian Republic

The Gaian Republic is still the most influential nation in the Star Ocean. The Gaians are a peaceful people who value science and philosophy but they are not afraid to take up arms if their liberty and peace is at stake. The Gaian Republic is currently ruled by Administrator Arlen Coronaar of the Technologists party.

The Tovenaar Empire

The Tovenaar Empire is the complete opposite of the Gaian Republic. It’s a militaristic state that is ruled with an iron fist by the General-Emperor Arbach Tovenaar. Currently the empire is struggling with an uprising along their rimward border but it’s only a question of time until the Tovenaari start expanding again.

The SpaceCorp Corporate State

SpaceCorp Industries is the largest manufacturer of space ships and heavy machinery in the Star Ocean. Eventually they were granted “extraterritoriality”, which means that any land owned by the corp is sovereign territory and immune to any laws of the nation within. Its employees are corporate citizens. With the acquisition of the Kobe colony SpaceCorp became another sovereign state. Current CEO is Moriann Sakata. SpaceCorp tries to stay neutral in most conflicts, but has cordial relations with the Gaian Republic.

The Akkathon Federation

The Akkathon Federation is a loose alliance of worlds in the space between the Gaian Republic and the Tovenaar Empire. They have lost several systems during the last Tovenaari agression.

The Federation doesn’t meddle in internal affairs of their member states and every world has its own laws, customs and military. But all member states work together in times of need.

The Psitech League

The Psitech League started as a worker’s union for espers. In the 8th century NR almost all espers or psitechs as they prefer to be called, are members of the Psitech League. Some of the best space ship pilots and explorers are members of the League.

The Twilight Star

The Twilight Star is a privately funded secret agency that is believed to have some ties to the Gaian Republic. Usually they intervene in order to restore peace and balance to the Star Ocean. The Twilight Star operates from a secret headquarters somewhere in neutral territory.

By the way, if you have followed my Dungeoncraft articles you’ll notice that I’ve recycled some names from my Asecia setting. That has several reasons: a) I am really bad at coming up with original names, b) I like to have some eastereggs in all my campaign and c) Asecia is currently on the backburner, since I am focussing on the SF campaign I want to run soon-ish…
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