The RPG Bloggers Network won’t die …

… unless we let it die. The former RPGBN board members have announced today that they step down from their posts after there was some (sometimes very emotional) criticism of how the network was run. I have to admit that although I didn’t always agree with the decisions of the board, I am sad to see them go.

But we now need people to step up and continue what Phil, Dave, Graham and Danny started. The biggest challenge is probably the hosting of the RPG Bloggers main site which has some very high CPU requirements. But perhaps it could be worth looking into an alternative solution like a Planet software. But technical issues aside we need a few people (probably more than we had before) to step up and keep the RPGBN going. The network (and the people running it) helped a lot of us when we started out and a lot of readers rely on it.

I already offered to host the RPGBN forums in the future (if nobody objects of course) and I am willing to help out with other aspects of running the network. And I would be happy if a few more people who benefitted from the RPGBN in the past, will help us keeping the RPGBN running!

Thanks again to Phil, Dave, Graham and Danny  for their hard work and dedication. I am sad thing turned out the way they did but I respect your decision. But it is my sincere hope that the RPGBN will not start dying today!

UPDATE: Since I posted this, a lot has happened and new developments make my initial offer more or less obsolete. So I’ve decided to just wait to see who gets to run the RPGBN in the future. If I am happy with how things turn out, I may stay as a member or even offer my help with the forums or even more.