GeekDo logo You probably already have heard about BoardGameGeek a website, that was founded somewhere in 2000 by Scott Alden and Derk Soldo as a resource for the board game geek community. The site not only features a huge database containing games, expansion, designers but also includes numerous reviews, articles and forum discussions. Usually when I want to read a review about any boardgame I check on BoardGameGeek first.
In July 2009 was launched. This new website not only includes the existing BoardGameGeek site but also a new RPG Geek site. Although both sites use the same system, the databases are kept separate. When you log into, you can switch between the Geek and Boardgame section with a single click.
A friend of mine is a huge BoardGameGeek fan and used the site for quite some time now, I just recently signed up.
The contents of the database are already very impressive. Someone even added an entry for the Feuerwerk supplement for Dungeonslayers I wrote earlier this year! And my friend even added me as a designer! Thatโ€™s very cool!
While this may probably old news for some of you, I definitely can recommend the new site to everyone even remotely interested in the RPG hobby!