CP2020 cover art Inspired by Triple Ace Games’ cyberpunk rules I would love to write a Cyberpunk setting of my own, but alas I can’t decide what kind of setting I would prefer.

First off, there’s classic cyberpunk like the world presented in William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer or in the Cyberpunk 2020 game. I could also add in some Japanese influences. Anime like Ghost in a Shell, Appleseed and perhaps even Bubblegum Crisis come to mind.

There’s also always the possibility to go the Shadowrun route and add some supernatural influences as well. If you want to give it a more grim and gritty feel some lovecraftian influences might work.

The only things I am sure about is that my campaign should focus on a single urban metroplex and that I want to use Savage Worlds rules. Aside from that everything else is pretty much open for debate. I want to focus on one big city because it’s much easier to design an interesting city than to create a whole world. And especially Cyberpunk campaigns usually are set into a city or the sprawl surrounding it. If needed I can always work out the details on other places when the need arises.

When I start working on this setting, I will post my thoughts right here on the blog. So if you have some ideas on what you would incorporate into the design let me know. Good ideas are always appreciated.