Freebie: Mini Six

Mini Six Logo In the last months I have posted several times about West End Games’ D6 System and the OpenD6 project. A few months ago, Eric Gibson, owner of WEG released the cinematic RPG from the ‘80s that powered the very successful Star Wars RPG series under the OGL. But alas he never released a trademark license of any kind, and the long-announced OpenD6 website is still MIA. So, the fans took over.

The first step was Sycarion’s Six-Sided Fantasy SRD. And recently AntiPaladin Games provided us with Mini Six, a rules-light version of said rules presented on just 8 pages (7 pages + the OGL).

The first two pages contain all the basic rules you need to play Mini Six, including character creation and combat. There is even a small list of perks and complications, that help to flesh out characters.

The next pages contain rules for vehicles (including stats for fantasy, modern and sci-fi vehicles), magic, a complete bestiary and optional rules like using Body Points instead of Wound Levels and a No Attributes Variant.

Antipaladin Games announced today on Twitter that they are going to release a better laid out version of Mini Six soon. And I applaud this, because the only thing that keeps Mini Six from being the perfect rules-lite game is the pretty basic and cramped layout. But aside from that I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to have a look at this fine game.