Gen Con: First Day

Wow! Calling Gen Con amazing is actually an understatement! It’s even better than that! Zachary threw us out of bed early this morning, so that we actually were one of the first people who were allowed into the exhibit hall this morning. That’s when I took up the opportunity to check out some booths and taking a few pictures.

DSCF0497 DSCF0505 DSCF0510
This beholder is really HUGE! At the Ex Illis booth Tracy and Laura Hickman
DSCF0513 DSCF0514 DSCF0521
Wolfgang Baur and Zachary Houghton Some people should make sure they get some soap here and USE IT! 🙂 CthulhuTech!!!!

It’s pretty describe how Gen Con is, I think you have to be here to really appreciate it. But I can tell you it’s pretty exhausting. Carrying around 5 hardcover books including two copies of the brand-new Deathwatch game by Fantasy Flight games already broke my back! But we just had some lunch (great American junk food) and now Zach, Jeff and I sit in the Westin hotel updating our blogs! Good times!

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  1. I can only imagen how much fun you're having now. Hows is the blogging aspect of the trip going? Are you going to have enough time to write more details while you're at GenCon? Or are you just having fun and if you have time you will write? Anything you wish you had brought with you that you didn't bring?

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