My Motivation for Writing an Adventure

I recently announced that I was writing a Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition adventure. Progress on this project has been steady. Anytime I have a free block of time to myself I am working on it. I have already learned a lot and am excited to learn more as I continue working on this project.

I thought It would be interesting to talk a little bit about where my motivation for such a project is coming from and what keeps me working on it. The short answer is that I need a creative outlet. I have Dungeons & Dragons night with my friends and I have my personal blog, but I still feel like I have a void to fill. That is why I started writing my own adventure.

Growing up I had music. At an early age I picked up playing the drums and through my life I have been the drummer for a hand full of local bands in Washington State. That was a huge outlet for me and something I enjoyed very much. When I made the move with my fiancé to Juneau Alaska I tried for 4 years to get a band together. Eventually I I gave up on trying to put a band together in Juneau.

I guess that is where Dungeons & Dragons came into play. It helped fill in the void of needing to do something creative and fun. As time has gone on I have gotten better at planning adventures for my group and needing less prep time to do it. So now I have been left with another void to fill with something creative.

Reading books like The 4 Hour Work Week and blogs like Wil Wheaton’s, I have been inspired to create something with my creative energy. Something I hope other people will enjoy. That something is a Dungeons & Dragons 4 Edition Adventure. Wish me luck!