The Heroes of Hougstran

Despite all the love Warrior, Rogue & Mage has received, here in the blog and the web in general, and loving the game myself, I have not written anything for it. Let me correct that mistake with this post!

I’m planning a demo game of Warrior, Rogue & Mage at a local convention in Puerto Rico. For that purpose I’ve created some characters for the players so we can get to the game right away. This is my first attempt at creating WR&M characters and the game will be my first experience with the system. So I’ll appreciate any advice and feedback on the character themselves, from the write ups, to the descriptions. I hope you enjoy them.

Read on…

“Only well guarded caravans, or the bravest travelers, dare to travel the road leading to and from the village of Hougstran. Located on an old trade route the village sits on the southern end of fertile vale and despite hardships it has prospered over the past thirty years under the leadership of Mayor Johann. With some caravans regularly visiting the village in spring and autumn and traveling minstrels spreading the word of the town’s growth, a new generation comes of age with dreams of a better future for themselves and their loved ones. These are some of those who dream in Hougstran…”

Josephus Whitemane

Josephus is Hougstran’s most famous orphan. Unlike other children who may have lost their parents due to accident or famine, Josephus was found on the doorsteps of the town’s only Inn, the Golden Rooster. The owner Karl was awoken by the cries of the infant late one spring during a thunderstorm. When he came to the door he found the baby wrapped in blankets. The widow Kiotir who had no children of her own adopted the boy and brought him up. Teased since childhood for his wild mane of snow white hair, Josephus grew up healthy and strong and was apprenticed to the Blacksmith, Master Birbin.

As part of the village’s voluntary militia he has excelled at the lessons thought by old Sergeant Gour. Despite his strength and martial ability Josephus has never stopped wondering where he comes from and together with his friend Enris has studied the dusty old tomes her master keeps hidden away in his study. No one except Enris knows he has managed to cause frost to appear on his palms during summer.

Appearance: Tall muscular youth of 19, his skin is pale and tans easily. His strong jaw barely has stubble, but his hair is long and white as fresh snow. Despite his easy laugh and boisterous voice, his light blue eyes seem perpetually sad.

Attributes: Warrior 5, Rogue 2, Mage 3

HP: 11 Mana: 6 Fate: 2

Defense: 11 (+ 3 for scale armor, +1 for small shield)

Skills: Athletics, Swords, Riding

Talent: Massive Attack – Add Warrior attribute to melee attack once per combat

Spells: Frostburn

Trappings: Scale Armor, Small Shield, Sword (1d6), Dagger (1d6-2), Backpack, Adventurer’s Kit, Spellbook (leather bound), Rope, Rations (1 week), 3 Torches, Riding Horse (saddle bag, saddle and bridle), 62 sp

Enris Dawnsong

Enris’ always dreamt of singing. Her mother was a minstrel of some renown in Hougstran and nearby farmsteads. When she returned home with child and no husband the people of town disapproved but she was never one to care. She settled in her family’s house and earned a living for her and her daughter as a seamstress, often singing in the Golden Rooster for some coin. When Enris was old enough to talk her mother began to teach her how to sing. Those who heard them often said mother and daughter sang more beautifully than any choir of the Imperial Church.

One winter when she was but a young maiden Enris disobeyed her mother and journeyed to Darklin Bogs with her friends and local troublemakers Marcellus and Gellina. Running over a fallen log to cross a stream Enris fell into the water hitting her head and loosing consciousness. When her friends rescued Enris she could barely speak. She eventually recovered her voice but was never able to sing again. Believing she was a disappointment to her mother Enris arranged her apprenticeship to Master Thorvad the local herbalist and hedge wizard and moved to his house. She barely sees her mother anymore.

Appearance: Short and thin young woman of 20, she still looks like a teenager and has not developed like the other girls in town. When younger she wore her curly red air long, but since her apprenticeship she keeps it short. This coupled with her frame means she was often teased and called names when younger, something that no longer happens since she has demonstrated her mastery of magic.

Attributes: Warrior 1, Rogue 3, Mage 6

HP: 7 Mana: 12 Fate: 3

Defense: 6

Skills: Herbalism, Lore, Thaumaturgy

Talent: Familiar (Cat) – Shadowstep

Spells: Frostburn, Magic Light, Sense Magic, Telekinesis, Lightning Bolt

Trappings: Spellbook (metal plated), Crossbow, (1d3+3), Dagger, Travel Clothing, Adventurers Kit, Lantern, Backpack, Rations (1 week), 24 sp

Gellina the Pious

As a child Gellina was known as a troublemaker. Any prank carried out in Hougstran was immediately blamed on her and her brother Marcellus. The children of the grave digger lived in abject poverty in the shack behind the local temple of the Imperial Church. Neither child ever met their mother as their father buried her after their birth. Gellina’s father took care of the cemetery and church grounds and taught to his children the traditions of the Imperial Church. Neither child took to the lessons; they grew up wild an unruly about town.

When her childhood friend Enris fell on a stream during an outing with them, hurting herself, young Marcellus urged Gellina to leave the girl and sneak back to town. Gellina refused and prayed like she had never prayed before until her friend awoke. Convinced his daughter was touched by the divine her father begged the young priest in town to take Gellina under his wing. Instead Brother Humdros arranged for Gellina to join the Sisters of the Dawn in their temple on Crag Mountain. After ten years in the temple Gellina has returned to town, she has told her father this is a pilgrimage undertaken before taking her final vows. What she has told no one is that she is unsure if she wants to take the vows at all.

Appearance: Gellina takes after her father; she is tall with broad shoulders.  But this does not take away from her beauty. She wears her raven black hair braided and oiled a sharp contrast to her cream colored skin. Her body speaks of one accustomed to the martial traditions of the Sisters of Dawn, but her manners and gentle voice show the kindness of this 18 years old woman.

Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 2, Mage 4

HP: 9 Mana: 8 Fate: 2

Defense: 8 (+2 for leather armor)

Skills: Alchemy, Blunt, Thaumaturgy

Talent: Channeler – Add Mage attribute to magic attack once per combat

Spells: Healing Hand, Sense Magic, Create Food and Water, Healing Light,

Trappings: Leather Armor, Two Handed Warhammer (2d6), Mace (1d6), Spellbook (leather bound), Adventurer’s Kit. Backpack, Iron rations (1 week), Travel Clothing, Lantern, 7 sp

Marcellus the Mongrell

Marcellus was trouble in his youth, but grew up to become a liar, swindler and drunk. The son of the local gravedigger, Marcellus and his sister were in serious trouble for the first time after Enris, a childhood friend, almost died on one of their misadventures. Gellina his sister was sent to a monastery, but Marcelus was punished in the stocks, a place he would visit many times during his short life. Unwilling to follow in his father’s footsteps, and unable to find an apprenticeship, Marcellus survived by taking odd jobs and living of his elderly father’s work.

Quick witted and charming Marcellus managed to swindle more than one townsfolk in some harebrained scheme or seduced lonely housewives for more than a kiss. Still in the end all his grand plans come to naught, often ending with a stint at the stocks. Despite Marcellus’ initial dislike of Josephus, Whitemane has covered for him on more than one occasion in the voluntary militia. The two share a strange and silent respect for each other. Many believe Marcellus friendship with Ox is another example of the young man taking advantage of others, but Marcellus has taken a genuine liking to the slow witted giant. Marcellus acts indifferent towards his recently returned sister but still harbors some anger at her for leaving him to take the fall for the accident long ago.

Appearance: A young man of 20 with a slight but sinewy build and swarthy complexion that reveals his southerner ancestry. He spends whatever little coin he can scrounge up to dress in the latest fashions, with whatever paltry jewelry he can get his hands on. He can be charming and debonair but cruel and savage in at a moments notice, like a rabid dog, earning him the nickname mongrel.

Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 5, Mage 2

HP: 9 Mana: 4 Fate: 5

Defense: 13 (+5 for chain mail)

Skills: Acrobatics, Daggers, Thievery

Talent: Lucky Devil – You may reroll any roll once per scene or combat

Spells: None

Trappings: Chain Mail, 3 Dagger (1d6-2), Dragon Pistol (1d4+4), Noble Clothing, Backpack, Lockpick, Rope (10 yards), Adventure’s Kit, Lantern, Iron Rations (1 week), Riding Horse (saddle bag, saddle and bridle), 29 sp

Koltren the Ox

Koltren’s parents lived in one of the outlaying farms in Hougstran. During the floods of the high spring 14 years ago, their farm was under water for four days before help could reach them. When the townsfolk arrived only the boy had survived. Unnaturally big for his age, Koltren was soon known by his nickname, the Ox. Raised by various families in town, the boy was slow to learn any trade and did not know his own strength, often leading to accidents or dangerous situations. When he turned fourteen he was apprenticed to Sergeant Gour, leader of the local voluntary militia.

Despite trying his best and the encouragement of Josephus, fellow orphan and one of the few people who treats him nicely in town, Ox could not live up to Gour’s strict standards. Marcellus, the local ne’er-do-well, has taken Ox under his wing telling him they will leave town together, and fancies him his bodyguard. Ox realizes that Marcellus may be using him but for the first time in his short life the gentle giant feels he has a purpose.

Appearance: Unnaturally tall and strong for his age, the giant is only 15. His brow juts over his small beady eyes; his lopsided smile is often ridiculed by the crueler children in town. Marcellus had convinced him to shave his head, insisting he looks more menacing. Despite his strength he learned since youth that his hands, the size of small hammers, could cause great damage and avoids fights until provoked. When he does fight, those who have heard him, say he howls like some sort of animal.

Attributes: Warrior 6, Rogue 3, Mage 1

HP: 12 Mana: 2 Fate: 3

Defense: 15 (+7 from heavy plate armor)

Skills: Athletics, Axes, Unarmed

Talent: Tough as Nails – Damage you take from an individual attack is reduced by 2

Spells: None

Trappings: Light Plate Amor, Two Handed Axe (2d6), Adventurers Kit, Travel clothing, Backpack, Rope (10 yards), Cask of Beer, 4 torches, Iron rations (1 week), 80 sp