Ask the Readers: Do you know of any gaming supplements where Puerto Rico is mentioned?

This is a purely personal question, but I figure with the worldly and well read audience of this blog (flattery goes a long way, I know), you out there may know of other instances where my native island of Puerto Rico is mentioned in game materials and/or supplements. This comes from a conversation I was having with a friend who asserted Puerto Rico is not mentioned in ANY game and I could positively tell him it is. Also I have this weird notion that gamers in Puerto Rico need to create content specific to our history, culture and folklore, sort of get Puerto Rico out there in the gaming sense… But I get ahead of myself!

I write this from memory as I am currently away from home and don’t have access to my collection, so I apologize for any mistakes.

I know Puerto Rico is mentioned in an old TOP SECET S.I. supplement, Commando (there is a blurb about halfway down this page) and recall thinking how much the information in it was off or simply wrong, The source the author consulted might not have been the best.

There was a pirate themed D20 book for adventuring in the corsair infested Caribbean published by Green Ronin, Skull & Bones. I don’t remember if Puerto Rico was mentioned in the text, I do recall there were maps including it.

I remember paging through Pirates of the Spanish Main (midway through on this page), a supplement for Savage Worlds, in GenCon 2007 and picking up on some detail I knew was historically inaccurate and telling the people at the booth.

And of course there is the German board game Puerto Rico. The name pretty much says it all! I have NOT played the game, I don’t even own it, but the Wikipedia page says it takes place in Puerto Rico and it Wikipedia says it is so then it must be right!

That is all I can come up with. Not bad really… I know some local entrepreneurs have created board games with a local flavor, but I can’t find information on them right now. So I ask gentle reader for your help, do you know if any instance in a game where Puerto Rico is mentioned or referenced? I realize some of you may be hearing about my little corner of tropical paradise for the first time (although I have posted about it before) and I’m not asking you to go back and check your collection. Just keep an eye out for any future reference. This inquiring mind wants to know!

PS – Those of you living in big cities (NY, LA, London, Seattle, etc.) get supplements and games written about your home all the time. What about those living in other out of the way places, has your home ever been mentioned on a game?