Long drives and Podcasts…

RPG Circus: This podcast I discovered thought this very blog, and I consistently enjoy it. I love their variety, topics, their relaxed tone and the way I always discover something new when I listen to the podcast. And I always feel like I am listening to my friends talk rather than an impersonal voice talking about games. The last one I listened to was season 3, episode 15 and its one of my favorites. Of course they talk about HP Lovecraft and that is a theme near and dear to my tentacles.

Fear the Boot: Well I started with it, and the attraction is still there. I really like their themes, topics and the quality product they create. One of the things I admire is how, despite often having a lot of hosts everybody’s personality comes across and you don’t get lost in the conversation. Even the first time you listen to it the personalities are clear and you feel welcome. Their shows are typically informative and insightful, even when they are just goofing around, but my favorite recent episode is what they call a “bonus episode”, a little bit off topic and more risqué than their usual fare, but they had me laughing so hard I just have to recommend it. If you are curious just go listen to Chris and the Crimson Pumpkin. Mind their disclaimer!

Flagons and Dragons:  I listened to their very first podcast and I am glad to be back. I am

thoroughly enjoying the episodes I missed and getting their refreshing take on games, and beer. Despite NOT being a beer drinker I actually love their beer breaks and discussions on the topic. It almost makes me want to drink the beers they’re drinking. What’s my favorite episode? Savage Worlds and Kids!

My recent interest in all things Savage Worlds lead me to other podcasts. First to Nerdbound and their zombiepocalypse actual play parts one and two. Despite some technical issues (I could not really listen to one of the players well, or maybe I’m just a little deaf) it was enlightening and above all fun. Kudos to Nerdbound for tackling a game I am really into combined with my love for zombies. Lots of fun!

I also listed to one episode of 2gms 1 mic, which I discovered through a link in the Pinnacle Entertainment Group website. I listened to episode 12 since they talked about Savage Worlds, but I was impressed by the hosts and their animated conversation. It’s also nice to have hosts of both genders. I need to go back and listen to them some more.

I must admit all these podcasts have awaken an interest in maybe doing some podcasting myself… Michael has talked about it, and another friend has plans for a Spanish podcast we could work on, but it’s hard for me to take time off to do it. With all this work my blogging, even my presence in social media sites, has decreased, so I can’t see myself doing it, right now… Of course if anybody out there wants to have an opinionated puertorrican as a guest you know where to find me!

And last but not least I ask our readers, what podcasts you listen to? Care to recommend any particular podcast I might not know of or have missed? I’d love to know!

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