RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 7

Continuing my daily posts on the topic of #RPGaDay2015. Remember that you can join in in the discussion, posting, tweeting, facebooking on the subject using the hashtag. Remember to share those posts in the comments so I can read what your pics are. On to the next one!

Day 7 – Favorite free RPG

There are a lot of amazing freebies out there, from the Basic D&D Rules, the Pathfinder Reference Document, the Star Frontiers Books, retro-clones galore, do a search and you’ll find something  free out there to your liking out there, I’m sure of it!  Picking just one is really hard, but I go it…

Stars Without Number, a free RPG from Sine Nomine Publishing. It’s sci-fi gaming with a retro-clone feel, and a great set of tools for sandbox campaigns. as you can see by this post I’ve been a fan since 2011. I recommend it again and again. If you haven’t read it do yourself the favor and download it.

The publisher is currently running a Kickstarter for a planetary warfare sourcebook, Starvation is Cheap. I’ve never been disappointed by one of Kevin Crawford’s projects and I’m a backer of this one as well, check it out.


Everybody take care, see you all tomorrow!