#RPGaDay2017 Day 28: “tis but a scratch”

Day 28 of #RPGaDay2017. We’re almost done! I’m going to miss this breakneck posting. On to today’s topic:

August 28: What film or series is the most-frequent source of quotes in your group?

The title of the post probably gave it away. It’s funny because when I started playing there where not that many movies or TV shows about fantasy or science fiction, Conan the Barbarian, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That meant we had a lot of common ground which resulted in we all using quote everybody knew.

As far as TV shows go, the most often quoted one is probably Babylon 5. Most of us at the table are huge fans so they pop up every now and then. Amazingly I think as the year go by there are less and less movie quotes at the table.

These days there are so many genre shows and movies I don’t always get the quotes, especially if they come from a video game.  I wish I could use more Rick and Morty quotes… But my players are not into it!

The companion to this series of posts are our vide responses to the questions of #RPGaDay2017 over at the Desde la Fosa YouTube channel. Me and the team at Desde la Fosa are recording our answers in Spanish. If you speak the language we appreciate the views, if you don’t, we are thankful for any shares.

See you all tomorrow!

What movies or TV shows quoted in your games? Let us know in the comments.