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Starting as many do with the Basic Dungeons and Dragons Red Box, Vince soon began the long winding road which has been fraught with treasure and excitement. Now many many moons later, he hopes to bring his passion for history and gaming together, and to share this passion with the next generation of gamers.

How your past influences your craft

Vince KingstonGreetings everyone!

Many of you probably don’t know me. So first off, I guess some introductions are in order. My name is Vince Kingston, and I’ve been hanging on the fringes here at Stargazer’s for a while now. Michael and I have been chatting quite a lot over the last little while, and I decided I wanted to try my hand at these so called guest posts.

I’m a gamer of some number of years (I’ll just say it’s been since elementary school, and leave it at that). I’m a husband to a wonderful Danish lady, and live in Denmark with her. I’m a father to a wonderful little (or not so little) soon to be 12 year old who lives back in Canada. I am Canadian (though I hope none of you will hold that against me).

I’m an author with his first published work finally out in the world. I work as an accountant by day for a European company, dealing with the accounting for five branches.

And I was bullied as a child.

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