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Microlite20 Under New Ownership

On March 12th, Robin Stacey (aka Greywulf) announced that he had sold the rights to Microlite20, including microlite20.net, to Seth Drebitko. I quickly asked Robin to get me in touch with Seth, which he did, and Seth was gracious enough to answer some questions about the sale and the future of Microlite20. Here’s what Seth had to say. Continue reading Microlite20 Under New Ownership

Dragoons20 Review

While I was bopping about the internet the other day, I tripped over a new Microlite20-based fantasy game called Dragoons20. Written by Randy Angle, the game document can be found at Hoppsbusch.com along with a Pocket-Mod version of the rules and a printable character sheet. Given my current project of interviewing microlite authors, I knew I wanted to give this game an immediate read-through. Continue reading Dragoons20 Review