Drinking from the firehose

The RPG Bloggers Network is awesome. It helped new or virtually unknown blogs like mine to get an instant readership almost over night and usually you get a lot of helpful comments. The first few days in the network were a great experience. But great success comes at a cost and I think we are starting to see the effect.
Currently trying to follow everything that is written on the network is like drinking from the proverbial firehose. The community churns out vast amounts of quality content at such a high speed, that you just cant keep up.
And there’s another interesting effect. I am pretty sure that most of the traffic for most blogs comes from the RPG Bloggers Network site. With sometimes dozens of new articles coming out between the site’s update cycle it happens that your article never appears on the front page and is forever lost in oblivion.Β That can be frustrating.
So what can we do to remedy that situation? I have to admit, I have no instant solution available. If one of your articles gets featured on the main site, you probably get a lot of traffic for a short period of time but it’s uncertain if the readers come back. And because of the recent changes on the main site, featured posts are not as prominent as before.
One possibility is to advertise the use of RSS feeds. I use Google Reader to subscribe to the blogs that interest me and so I almost never miss a post. You can of course use any RSS feed reader you like.
Aside from that I have no idea.
Don’t get me wrong! I still think that the RPG Bloggers Network is awesome but I get the feeling that the success may not come without some injuries.