Another Space 1889 in the works!

Space: 1889 Red SandsRecently I wrote about a new version of Space 1889 being worked on by the German publisher Uhrwerk Verlag.
But this is not the only updated version of Space 1889 that is being developed right now.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group finally announced their secret project and it was revealed to be: Space 1889: Red Sands! It will use the Savage World rules and comes with a Savage Worlds Plot Point Campaign.  

But as far as I understand the press anouncement Space 1889: Red Sands will be a one-shot only.
So, if you are looking for a completely new Space: 1889 line, you’ll have to wait for the Uhrwerk Verlag release. Nevertheless I am looking forward to this release.  Savage Worlds is one of my favorite systems right now and Space 1889 is a setting I would love to play in.  The image to the right shows half of the cover artwork of the upcoming book.

I think the main selling point of the book will be the campaign and the background information, because if you already own the original book by GDW or the reprint by Heliograph, you can easily come up with a Savage Worlds conversion yourself.

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  1. Thanks for that tip! That is great news, I loved Space 1889 back in the day and there are some great miniatures for it still out on the market.

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