SkyfallToday I stumbled upon Skyfall, an article by Rob Donoghue that allows playing Final Fantasy-inspired games using the “Spirit of the Century” rules. Actually he never uses the “Final Fantasy” name but the inclusion of classic FF tropes like Dragoons (the high-jumping variety), Chocobos and elemental spells for Black Mages (including the -ga spells) makes it pretty clear that Rob’s main inpiration was the FF series.

The 19-page PDF document also includes a complete campaign setting. The file can be downloaded for free from the FATE RPG Yahoo Group (under Files > Rules and Settings).
Please note that you need a copy of the “Spirit of the Century” roles to make use of this document, but it may be possible that the SRD (available here) does suffice.

Nevertheless this is a special treat for any fan of Japanese console RPGs and Evil Hat’s FATE RPG!

Update: Rob has allowed me to mirror the PDF on my site, so you can download it from here, too! Enjoy!

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